Wheellock Pistol - anno 1640 - Dutch Republic

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Wheellock Pistol - anno 1640 - Dutch Republic

Mr. The Rich
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At the end of the middle-ages, firearms became more and more in widespread use. With predecessors like the Arquebus and the Matchlock shooting mechanisms became more and more elaborate. There came a need of a smaller firearm that could be loaded before hand, was smaller and more suited for active mobility. The wheellock, with its spring based primer and closed of firepan became mostly used for hunting or carried by cavalry.

The Wheellock Pistol

The delicate system of the spinning wheel, the cock and the firepan, have been carefully modeled to resemble the still surviving archaeological artifact. All moving details are rigged and a basic working animation is provided. The bone inlay decoration and copper parts are painted into the texture. The length of the pistol is about 65cm (25") and would have weighed less than a kilogram.

English cavalry using wheellock pistols to fight of pikemen during the Britisch Civil War in the 17th century

Technical Details

The model is ready to be used in real-time projects and game engines. The 4k×2k textures provide a detailed presentation for close-up rendering. The textures are PBR and are presented in a metalness-roughness workflow. A combined detail texture is provided that can directly be used in an engine like Unreal Engine 4.

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3D pistol model with firing animation and textures

Historical Era
17th Century
Origin Country
Dutch Republic
Texture Resolution
fbx; obj
36.6 MB