Broad Walloon Side-Sword - anno 1640 - Dutch Republic

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Broad Walloon Side-Sword - anno 1640 - Dutch Republic

Mr. The Rich
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Side swords were the go to self defense weapon for most of human history. Big enough to pose a serious threat, even without too much skill or strength, small enough to be easily carried around on the hip, and versatile enough to be used in various situations and with various techniques. Even through the advent of pistols, in this era, the sword was still the major side weapon of most anyone with a reason to stay alive.

The Broad Walloon Side-Sword

This is a broadsword, which at the time became more and more rare. They can still be seen as the famous Scottish basket-hilt swords or the German Katzbalger often used by the Landsknechts. This Dutch sword however has a basket hilt of a type called Walloon, of which the panels can be seen as covered versions of side rings seen on older weapons. In decorations it’s not excessively lavish, of which can conclude this sword was likely owned by a common soldier or burgher.

Artifact from Rijksmusem Amsterdam

Technical Details

This model can be used in real-time projects. All textures are PBR and are presented in a metalness-roughness workflow..

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Digital reconstruction of broad bladed sword with textures

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Historical Era
17th Century
Origin Country
Dutch Republic
Texture Resolution
fbx; obj